Texchange Membership Dues &
Sponsorship Information

Texchange offers multiple membership and sponsorship opportunities. All member organizations and individuals are invited to attend sponsored events, access collected knowledge from dinner roundtable discussions, and use web and other organization resources. Members will also soon be able to submit confidential questions or answers for member response or for our monthly roundtable discussions. 

Individuals and organizations may be considered for more than one membership or sponsorship type:

Individual/General Membership
Corporate Membership
Entrepreneur Membership

Innovative Initiatives Individual Membership
Affiliate Partnership
Community Partnership
Executive Sponsorship

The Individual or General membership is Texchange's most basic form of membership and applies only to individuals.

Corporate memberships are for technology industry corporations. Dues are determined by the number of employees in the corporation. Corporate membership entitles the corporation to send representative members to Texchange events and to receive all membership communications. In addition, corporate members will be listed on our website and in our membership directory.

Entrepreneurs are the owners or creators of innovative initiatives submitted to Texchange for review, comment, and aid. Texchange will sponsor a limited number of Entrepreneurs. Sponsored Entrepreneurs can access Affiliate Partners, attend all Texchange events, and individually run for Texchange office.

Triple-I memberships are for individuals with subject matter expertise in any technology-related field. Triple-I members will have access to Technology Entrepreneurs who have applied to the organization to review and provide feedback on their innovative initiatives. In addition, Triple-I members can run for office and can participate in the External Advisory Council.  

Affiliate partnerships are for incubators, accelerators, service organizations, financial organizations, and mentor organizations. Affiliate partners can access sponsored Entrepreneurs and can participate in the External Advisory Council. Affiliate partners also attend events at a subsidized rate.

Community partnerships are for universities, government entities, and NGOs. Community partners can co-brand activities with Texchange and access General membership contact information. Community partners can also participate in the External Advisory Council and attend events at a subsidized rate.

Executive Sponsorship is our most prestigious sponsorship option. Executive sponsors may contribute to the development of, as well as distribute, all Texchange materials, including white papers, benchmarks, research, etc. Executive sponsors may also propose and participate in all programs, hold positions in the organization's Board of Directors or External Advisory Council, and display the Texchange logo on any desired products and materials. Executive sponsors receive nomination and voting privileges, and their company information will be included on Texchange communicative materials. Executive sponsors also receive all membership communications and can attend events at a subsidized rate.


Annual Membership Dues:

Individual/General Membership - $100.00

Other Memberships currently available by special arrangement. Please contact us at [email protected] to participate at these levels.

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