The Technology Entrepreneurs' eXchange (“Texchange”) is a Houston, TX-based, non-profit networking organization for emerging technology entrepreneurs, professional and angel investors, experienced mentors and related professionals in services firms, government, media and academia. Click here to see what type of people are involved! 

The organization’s purpose is to provide, through its monthly dinner meetings and special events, the following advantages for its selective membership: 

        An environment where common topics of interest can be discussed.

        Supportive collaboration among members.

        A focus on technology entrepreneurship, fostered by networking and mentoring.
                                                                                                    Texchange White Paper (compiled info from the September dinner)

General Texchange information (available for download)

The initial chapter is in Houston, with future chapters planned for Austin and Dallas. For information about our upcoming Austin kickoff, click here.

Our next dinner event is scheduled for March 28, 2001! Click here for a list of our upcoming event dates.

Prior events

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