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There are four primary benefits of joining Texchange: networking, special events, mentorships, and controlled membership.

  1. Networking - Active membership in Texchange will allow you to increase your knowledge base and gain an enhanced network of friendships and professional relationships with leading technology entrepreneurs and related professionals.

  2. Special Events - Texchange also hosts a number of Members-Only events, including special before-dinner receptions and group activities.

  3. Mentorships - Members are encouraged to build mentoring and advisory relationships with each other, so that their experience and knowledge can help other members develop new ideas, contacts, strategies, methods and business models.

  4. Controlled Membership - In order to make the organization as beneficial to its members as possible, membership in Texchange is limited and is by invitation. Membership is controlled in order to have a greater proportion of entrepreneurs than other membership categories. Invitations are generally extended to:
    • Technology entrepreneurs.
    • Professionals in capital, finance, law, accounting and information systems.
    • Angel investors.
    • Skilled and experienced mentors.
    • Professionals in related business incubation, academic and government fields.
    • Professional journalists in related fields.

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