Charles May, C5 Partners
Mr. May, the Founder of C5 Partners, is an executive with over twenty-five years of experience in financial management. For sixteen years, he provided personal financial management services to high net worth individuals consisting primarily of entrepreneurs, including founders of many public companies. This activity led him into assisting many of his clients in the procurement of capital for their hyper-growth companies. Mr. May soon realized the need in the marketplace for consultants who did more than just "shop" a business plan. Over several years, he developed and perfected a proprietary strategy and process for identifying and securing all of the resources needed to survive and metabolize hyper-growth, including capital. Since 1989, Mr. May has assisted many clients in the development of business and strategic plans, and in the identification and procurement of those resources and strategic alliances necessary to execute those plans. Mr. May holds a B.A. in Economics for the University of Dallas, cum laude, and a M.S. in Financial Services from the American College.




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