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Technology Entrepreneurs’ eXchange
Announces New Leadership

HOUSTON, Texas – The Technology Entrepreneurs' eXchange ("Texchange"), a new Houston-based nonprofit technology organization, announced on Thursday that it has elected officers and directors for its first fiscal year.

Texchange is a networking organization for emerging technology entrepreneurs, professional and angel investors, experienced mentors and related professionals in service firms, government, media, and academia. The organization's purpose is to provide an environment where common topics of interest can be discussed, supportive collaboration among members, and a focus on technology entrepreneurship, fostered by networking and mentoring.

Texchange's monthly dinner meetings provide seating at small tables in order to create a personal environment where people can freely exchange ideas and views in a relaxed atmosphere. Discussion topics are carefully chosen in advance and concern issues that are current, significant, and meaningful to technology entrepreneurs. Members are encouraged to build mentoring and advisory relationships, so that their experience and knowledge can help other members develop new ideas, contacts, strategies, methods and business models.

In order to build the strongest possible organization, Texchange limits its membership to selected professionals and entrepreneurs, by invitation. Interested parties are encouraged to submit a membership inquiry.

The initial chapter is in Houston, with future chapters planned for Austin and Dallas. Jack W. Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research, Ltd. has been elected President. Mike Goodwin, Director/Division Controller-Finance of Continental Airlines has been named President-Elect.

Additional co-founders who are officers include Marco Rimassa and Bryan Emerson of Starlight Capital; Bill Keough of IBM; Dallas Parker of Thompson Knight Brown Parker & Leahy; Tom Rubenak of Meta Group; Charles Nunu; and John Czapko.

Other co-founders who are directors or advisory directors include Austin Goings of Vignette; Jeff Williams of myrepairshop.com; Bill Rollwitz of WTR & Associates; Kyle Pope of FOB.com; and Fabricio "Reese" Soares of Enron Investment Partners.




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