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Technology Entrepreneurs’ eXchange
Aims to Connect Houston

HOUSTON, Texas – The city of Houston is now open for business – or at least that is the hope of the newly formed Technology Entrepreneurs’ eXchange (‘Texchange’ for short) in regards to Houston high tech business. Texchange is mirrored after the highly successful Silicon Valley organization Round Zero, and like that organization, features a member-oriented network of top and mid-level technology executives. The group’s goal is to promote communication among managers with experience and expertise in technology areas in order to foster entrepreneurial activity.

“Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation and has a great technology environment,” claimed Jack Plunkett, one of the network’s founding directors. “Yet the high tech entrepreneurial community here receives fewer venture capital dollars than either Austin or Dallas.”

Texchange believes that the problem lies in the entrepreneurial community’s awareness of itself. Thus, the organization was formed to connect Houston’s high tech community with the support and finance networks that help shape entrepreneurial visions.

Texchange officially kicks off on June 21, with a dinner focusing on the state of venture capital in Texas. Scott Crist, former CEO of Telscape International (NASDAQ: TSCP), will be opening the discussion, but the members are encouraged to come up with their own observations and answers. Future plans include a monthly dinner series and forums for connecting specific experts and mentors with high tech entrepreneurs.

The next Texchange dinner event will be on July 12, 2000 at The Houstonian. More information can be obtained at the organization’s website address, http://www.texchange.org, or by writing the company directly at [email protected].




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