Olivier Wenker

Dr. Wenker started his career as an anesthesiologist in 1985. He is European board certified in anesthesiology, critical care medicine and emergency/disaster medicine and holds the title of Professor in Anesthesiology. Dr. Wenker served many years as emergency/trauma physician on board of rescue helicopters, ICU airplanes, ambulances, and emergency physician vehicles. He was trained to work as trauma field physician, rescue diver, disaster medicine triage and lead physician, and served many years as chief of a medical team for special police forces. He was involved in over 700 rescue missions and worked in some of these missions under extreme conditions. Dr. Wenker is an entrepreneur and founder of 3 startup companies. He works as Director for Technology Discovery in the Office for Translational Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

In addition, he was appointed to serve on the Technology Transfer Initiatives Committee, Intellectual Property Oversight Committee, Cancer Therapeutics Discovery Program Executive Committee, Research Funding Oversight Committee, Technology Development Committee, Applied Development Laboratory Subcommittee, and as Entrepreneur Liaison to the Office of Technology Development.

The use of computers, handheld devices and the Internet for the purpose of education has become a major interest of Dr. Wenker. In 1995, he founded a company called Internet Scientific Publications. This company is currently the largest independent medical publishing house online. Dr. Wenker publishes 50 medical journals and he was able to recruit over 850 well-known physicians worldwide to participate in the editorial boards. Dr. Wenker received numerous prestigious awards for his online journals. Because of his expertise he was appointed into 17 different committees of international and national medical organizations to serve as electronic media specialist or electronic editor. In addition, he serves on 16 different editorial or review boards, most of them related to electronic publications.

Most recently, Dr. Wenker co-founded PharmAdvance, Inc. This company has the goal and mission to facilitate technology transfer in the field of life sciences. He is currently Chairman of the board of PharmAdvance.




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